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Chinese Herbs


  • Our clinic has the largest herbal pharmacy in the Phoenix area, with around 200 concentrated single herb granules and 400 classic herbal formulas. Our herbs are of high-quality, concentrated organic material. The classic herbal formulas we offer are very safe and effective; they address the body constitution holistically and work towards balancing the individual health state. Herbal formulas are delicately composed to address each disharmony present in the body. They include a combination of Chinese herbs that work synergistic together; a small deviation of herbs in a formula can change the herbal interaction and therefore the results. Our extensive selection of single herb granules gives us great versatility. It allows us to hand-pick an herbal formula personalized to the unique needs of the individual. With such available diversity, we are able to diagnose the body imbalances and treat them more accurately using a wide selection of herbs. 

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